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official registration of us a charity

This has been a huge week for Little Big Steps with the official registration of us a charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission ( – in the subtypes of Advancing Health and as a Health Promotion Charity – and approval by the ATO for our charitable tax concessions and Deductible Gift Recipient status.

That’s exhausting to say and really they are lots of fancy buzz words really to say that we are a bona fide charity – woo hoo! 

endless tests and parents’ sleepless nights of uncertainty

But whilst we are celebrating this important milestone, Cass’ 8 year old son Lochie – like so many other kids living with cancer around the country – have had to endure endless tests and parents’ sleepless nights of uncertainty, with yet another unexplained fallout from the side effects of cancer treatment. This is the reality of living with cancer every day… and having to watch your child retreat into themselves is a gut wrenching thing to do when you feeling so helpless in the process. 

Cass and I co-founded Little Big Steps

Cass and I co-founded Little Big Steps, as mums touched by childhood cancer and determined to make a difference to other cancer sufferers. It is our hope to bring some fun into the health and wellbeing of kids undergoing cancer treatment and give a little spark back to kids like Lochie with a sense of control and motivation to get moving, despite how horrid they might feel. 

However the reality is that whilst we are establishing Little Big Steps, Cass is still very much living with cancer on a daily basis with its rollercoaster of emotions. It takes an enormous amount of courage, strength and dedication to muster the enthusiasm to want to help others in the face of your own adversity. The balancing act that she does whilst being caregiver to Lochie and her other son Aiden, as well as founding a charity that is taking on an exciting life of its own, is nothing short of incredible in my eyes.

This first blog is dedicated to my amazing frienD

This first blog is dedicated to my amazing friend who has not only transformed my life, but together we will hopefully be able to make a difference to so many others through the work of Little Big Steps. Cancer doesn’t stand a chance when you’re kicking its butt Cass! #cancersucks

We all have our own balancing acts to contend with in our daily lives. But I urge you to think about people like Cass (and the many others out there that do amazing things each day) and about how you could give a little in your own way to help someone else today. Check out our new website and see if there are ways in which you might be able to help us take our first little big steps towards making a difference.