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George was diagnosed with an aggressive brain cancer called Ependymoma in 2016. He was just 11 months old at the time, and four years on he is still fighting.

At such a young age, George has already endured multiple high risk brain surgeries, after which he has had to learn to walk again and gain back strength and balance.

His other treatments have included intensive chemotherapy, stem cell treatment, 6 weeks of daily radiation therapy not once but twice, blood transfusions, feeding support and a multitude of other tests, procedures, and medications.

George is a cheeky, kind, almost 6-year-old, and is completely sports mad. So much so that he always has a bat or ball on him during treatment. Right now he is just finishing up on a clinical trial at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne, and has just finished his last round of chemo! It’s been a challenging journey, but George is our little trooper and we are so excited to be finally bringing him home.

Little Big Steps would like to extend a big thank you to George’s mother Sarah for sharing his story with us, and helping us to highlight the power of exercise medicine.