Brihony Dawson

Little big steps ambassador

Little Big Steps are delighted to welcome the incredibly talented Brihony Dawson as a Little Big Steps Ambassador. Only moments after meeting Brihony, Cindy and Cass asked them to be Little Big Steps’ first-ever Ambassador, recognising a contagious energy and enthusiasm mirroring their own.

Fresh from the US and a European tour, Ladyhood’s lead vocalist is amped to take the Australian pop scene to the next level as a singer and songwriter. Brihony notes collaboration with Grammy-Award winning producer Jeff Bova and GoGo’s rock legend Gina Schock, among others.

A graduate of the Ballarat Art Academy, Brihony studied theatre production which is evident in their commanding onstage presence whether as a singer or when hosting events in Australia. This Lady Gaga fan is full of surprises. In addition to their love of music, Brihony has a passion for learning quantum physics and loves to study human behaviour.