Nicole Kennedy

Parent consumer

Nic is a long-time patient advocate & health reform volunteer. She has personally witnessed the value of exercise medicine in her own child, where it was an affordable, evidence based intervention that actively helped to prevent some of  the side effects of treatment (muscle wastage, obesity, fatigue, etc) as well as the harmful late term effects (diabetes, mental health challenges, brittle bones etc).  Nic firmly believes, and is meaningfully working towards all children and young people diagnosed with cancer having access to personalised exercise medicine as the standard of care upon diagnosis. She has sat on hospital based clinical governance and steering committees, family/patient forums, participated in senate inquiries, attended scores of clinical conferences, and participated in umpteen education events since 2008.  Nic is a huge advocate for Patient Centred Care in all aspects of health, from research and clinical trials, right through to bedside translation. She is known to regularly share the adage ‘nothing about us, without us’ in her volunteer work.